SideLion Report Saturday Second Serving

I hope you find time to read this site every day but I know busy schedules means that probably isn’t realistic. As a matter of convenience for finding some of SLR’s best content from the past week, enjoy the SideLion Report Saturday Second Serving. Consider this the editor’s picks of the week.

Monday: We were all off finishing up our holiday weekends but those that stopped by SLR were greeted with a mini-history lesson regarding the 63-yard field goal Tom Dempsey kicked to beat the Lions in 1970

Tuesday: Nathan VanNorwick gave us his thoughts and reactions to the media event he attended in which Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh promoted avocados as a new topping at Subway.

Wednesday: A replay of a radio interview with Jim Schwartz made me put on my investigator’s hat in regards to four game winning streaks. It turns out the Lions were one of 12 teams to have such a streak during the 2010 season and put them in some very impressive company.

Thursday: Marty Medvedik had some choice words for the league and players when it comes to the way they take care of retirees.

Friday: I tried to remember what it was like to have a good football team in Detroit in light of the optimism surrounding the upcoming season. A look back at the end of the 1993 season helped even though the season’s ultimate end was supremely disappointing.

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