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There are rumblings that Detroit is not only in the hunt for Asomugha, but in the lead thanks to the prospect of playing behind what is arguably the most talents defensive line in football. The Jets want him, everyone knows that. Washington seldom lets a marquee player pass without at least throwing an offer his way and there are whispers of Dallas and Atlanta remaining in the picture.

With most players already having scheduled vacation plans for July, the Lions do not plan to have another round of player-organized workouts this month.

But most players who attended the workouts in May and June said they would be ready for everything to start at a moment’s notice once the labor situation gets resolved.

Jim Arnold lived the American football dream. He played for his hometown Dalton, Ga., high school, earned a scholarship to Vanderbilt University and went on to an All-Pro NFL career as a punter.

But now that he’s 50 and marking time until he qualifies for his NFL pension, he’s restless over the outcome of the contract dispute between owners and players — and what it might mean to retired players.

Usually, the man given access to such remarkable talent is not taking orders, he’s giving them.

Which begs the question: Why is Mornhinweg still in Philadelphia at all?


The record never matched the image.

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