Jason La Canfora: Nnamdi Asomugha Could Average $19 Million per Year

NFL.com hosted a lunchtime chat with NFL Network analyst Jason La Canfora and the topic of Nnamid Asomugha came up as expected. Detroit Lions fans know that he’ll be expensive but just how expensive remains to be seen. One question that made it in as chat material suggested one big number and La Canfora suggested something even bigger.

Reader question:

If there is a higher cap floor as is being proposed, how is Tampa going to be able to spend the money to reach it? Seems like they would need to drop $30mm+ in free agency. Don’t they pretty much have to sign Nnamdi to $16mm/year to meet these new standards?

Jason La Canfora’s response:

I was talking to two GMs this morning and ran this very scenario by them, and neither disagreed. The Bucs are going to have to set the market with a deal or two to get up to the cash thresholds if that ends up being in the deal. And while I hear Nnamdi would like primarily to go to a team that is seen as a perennial contender, he also knows money talks and he ain’t a spring chicken anymore Remember, the Bucs put a pretty massive deal ont he table for Haynesworth a few years back as well. I could see them out-bidding others for Nnamdi (but that average per year is gonna be more like $19M than $16M). That would not surprise me. Talib could be gone and Ronde is year to year at this point. They have added some youngsters to the DL and need to address the back end. I also could see them being aggressive to add a weapon for Freeman as well

Where do you stand? Is Nnamdi Asomugha a must-target free agent no matter the cost or should the Lions look elsewhere as the yearly salary approaches $20 million? Personally, I am beginning to prefer the Lions go after Stephen Tulloch then turn their attention to a second-tier cornerback. The free agent class of corners looks to be one of the best of any position groups and while the salaries at the top could get out of hand, the not-quite-as talented guys could have their salaries depressed because so many will be on the market.

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