Ndamukong Suh pitching Subway

Ndamukong Suh stands out anywhere he goes, especially when he’s standing in front of the Subway restaurant on Beaubien Street holding a bushel of avocados.

The NFL’s most active rookie/sophomore has been in Detroit the last couple of days promoting Subway’s sandwiches and took a little time to talk to the media for a few moments before he headed over to watch Justin Verlander beat the Mets.

First things first, yeah, he’s REAL big. When you see him up close, your neck is cranked slightly up to look him in the eye. The thing that stood out to me was there was a genuine humbleness about him. This guy was raised right.

When asked about his infamous statement of why can’t the Lions go 16 and 0, he replied that “expectations need to be higher” and that this wasn’t the “Same ol’ Lions”. He went on to say that the “mindset needs to change around here”. Maybe he’s talking about the fans because the players sure believe in themselves. When he talks he just oozes leadership. He’ll probably be the fierce leader of the lions for as long as he’s here.

After the cameras were turned off and he was leaving, he took one last huge bite of his sandwich. He’s not kidding, he really likes those sandwiches.

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