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Scanning the Savanna is a daily feature that brings fresh Detroit Lions and NFL related content to your fingertips each morning. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s scan the savanna together.

Don’t look now, but Hill might be this generation’s Scott Mitchell. He was better than bonus baby Alex Smith in San Francisco, and last year in Detroit, he was more efficient than the injured Matt Stafford per Football Outsiders’ advanced metrics.

The NFL lockout has been a negative for the vast majority of football fans.

But for a group of youngsters in Plano it could turn out to be a positive as the lockout will allow Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Kyle Bosworth and Detroit Lions linebacker Korey Bosworth, both West alums, to return to their old stomping grounds Monday for a portion of the Wolves annual football camp.

I inadvertently left this week’s “Have at It” topic a little vague, but I like where you guys and gals took it. In addressing which NFC North tailback combination would finish the 2011 season with the most combined yards, most of you included receiving production — a smart move considering the expected disparity in this division’s offensive schemes.

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