The Minnesota Vikings Are Most Likely Staying Put

Since 1994, the city of Los Angeles has been without a NFL team after both the Rams and Raiders moved out of the City of Angels.  Recently, many rumors have been circulating that Los Angeles will once again be home to a professional team.  The Jaguars, Rams, and Vikings are the three teams that have been linked to relocation.  For the Vikings, it looks more and more like they are staying in the Twin Cities.

The NFL has wanted the the team to build a new stadium for years now and after the ole’ Metrodome’s roof caved in, it seems necessary for the Vikings to build a new one to stay in Minnesota.  The Vikings have been negotiating with the state to build a new stadium in the suburb of Arden Hills.  The proposed stadium will seat a crowd of 73,000 and may have a retractable roof.  The overall cost of New Vikings Stadium is totalled to be a little more than a billion dollars ($884 million for the stadium and $173 million for infrastructure, parking, and others costs).  The Vikings have pledged to commit $407 million.  The county will give $350 million to the new stadium by raising taxes by a half cent.  The state will give $300 million and they have promised not to give a penny more.

However, it has recently been estimated that fixing the roads around the stadium would cost between $175 million and $240 million.  Zygi Wifl has been reported to add another $30 million to fill the gap.  Rodger Goodell and the NFL have said that they will invest in the new stadium but the amount of money remains unknown.  The deal is still quite aways from being done but the Vikings and their fans should not worry.

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