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Detroit Lions Fans, This is What Christian Ponder Brings to NFC North

Anyone thought that Christian Ponder would take his place on the Vikings roster without much fanfare appear to be dead-wrong. Not only is he letting everyone know that he’s hard at work, he’s doing it with a dig at a guy who he thinks isn’t:

Going to throw and get better with #ChrisWeinke at #IMG while others (@BlaineGabbert) are frolicking in the Keys working on their tan

It looks like the rookie-to-be may bring a little spice to the black and blue division. I can’t help but believe that part of his motivation for throwing this tweet out there is that he wants to win over Vikings fans that questioned Ponder as the team’s first round draft pick. Some of the disgruntled fans undoubtedly would have preferred to see Gabbert holding up a purple number one jersey.

Just wait until some bad blood develops within the division. It is starting to sound like this will be a guy we’ll like seeing the Silver Crush put on his back.

[Update: It appears the tweet was in jest rather than a dig at Gabbert. Either way, Ponder is showing himself to be an added personality to the division. Time will tell if that personality is likable or not.]

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