Twisted Rooster Now Open in Lion-land

My twitter followers were probably aware of my excitement over a new restaurant to the Southeast Michigan area. Once I heard a Twisted Rooster was opening near me, I let the twitterverse know about it.

My wife and I had previously eaten at their first location in Grand Rapids and the people at Twisted Rooster were good enough to hook us up with a dinner for two to try out their new location in Belleville.

We had about a 20 minute wait for our table as we arrived during the normal dinner time. While the wait wasn’t excessive, the Twisted Rooster staff was nice enough to provide the entire waiting room with a sample of their maple-mustard fried pickles. I had scoped out their menu ahead of time and already had my eye on this appetizer as I’m a big fan of friend pickles but they aren’t easy to find. I usually order them when I find a restaurant that offers them but I’ve never had anything like the fried pickles at Twisted Rooster. The mustard flavor definitely comes through but the maple adds a little sweetness and makes it more of a glaze than a sauce. Needless to say, the sample wasn’t enough and we ordered the full appetizer when we got our table.

The Twisted Rooster menu is full of items that might seem familiar but they do it with a twist. The fish tacos are one of my favorite items on their menu. The fish is battered in Founders Pale Ale and topped with cheese and a sweet crispy slaw. Original, Tasty and reasonably priced is a combination I appreciate. The menu is small enough to avoid being overwhelming but large enough to offer everything from a variety of salads, mac and cheeses, a bison burger, seafood, chicken and steak. Not only does Twisted Rooster offer a creative menu, they do it by using a lot of Michigan ingredients. They decided to “Commit to the Mitt” and the menu is “guided by locally grown product offerings that change throughout the seasons”. The Michigan flavor carries over to their beer list that includes offerings from Founders, New Holland, Jolly Pumpkin and other Michigan breweries.

My thanks go out to Twisted Rooster and the Meritage Hospitality Group. Be sure to check out their website which includes their full menu, e-club registration and other information about the restaurant. I also suggest following Twisted Rooster on facebook and twitter. You’ll get pictures of the food that will make your mouth water and I’ve even noticed a few recipes. With locations in Grand Rapids, Chesterfield and Belleville, there are sure to be a number of SideLion Report readers that have easy access to a Twisted Rooster nearby. Hopefully we will start seeing even more across the state of Michigan.

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