Would-be NFL Lockout Alternatives: Major League Soccer

With the NFL lockout still in full-force, we have taken a look at some alternatives of the past that could have been a useful distraction while the NFL owners and players settle their dispute. We continue today with the a look to the future with the possibility of Major League Soccer entering the Detroit area.

Are you ready for some…soccer?

The new owners of the Silverdome certainly are and they have made it there priority to get an MLS franchise in the Detroit area. Soccer fans have an opportunity to prove this area is a viable soccer market by turning out in full force for the June 7 CONCACAF Gold Cup match between the US and Canada. It will be the first time the United State’s Men’s National Team has played in the Detroit area since a match with Switzerland in the 1994 World Cup.

Can MLS work in Detroit? I’m not sure and I’m still not quite sure how much I care. I have taken notice of the incredible atmosphere at games in Seattle and Portland and would undoubtedly find myself drawn in to such a situation. However, there is no guarantee that a Detroit franchise would be equally supported. If there is one word I would never use to describe my fandom it is “bandwagon”. That being said, I’m not a big soccer guy and there would need to be a bandwagon mentality for me to really get into a Detroit MLS club. Fortunately, Ty Schalter is a soccer guy and he put together some good thoughts on the Gold Cup game and the future of Major League Soccer in Detroit. Check it out:

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