NFLPA Invites All Rookies To Educational Event

Last week, the NFL cancelled their annual rookie symposium due to the ongoing lockout.  The symposium’s goal was to educate the players about the life of a professional athlete outside of the field.  Proper behaivor, financial planning, and other topics were discussed and taught to all the rookies.  The rookie symposium was mandatory for every player that was drafted and there were punishments if a player did not attend.

Since there will be no symposium hosted by the NFL, the NFLPA will host a similar event.  The event is named “The Business of Football, Rookie Edition” and will be held in Washington on June 28th and 29th.  All 254 rookies were invited to this event although attendance isn’t mandatory.

George Atallah, NFLPA spokesman:

“We’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do,”

David Canter, agent of our very own Doug Hogue:

I’m very happy that the former union made this decision. The symposium is a great experience for all players. For this year’s class, it’s even more valuable because of the lack of information. And this will be the first time all of these players have been able to meet.

I applaud the NFLPA for stepping up and hosting this event.  It is very important to teach and warn the players about the troubles they may encounter while living their lifestyle.  With the new troubles in college football (Cam Newton, Ohio State’s troubles, North Carolina’s players being suspended), it makes the event that much more valuable.  The NFLPA has done almost everything right throughout the lockout and it is a reason I am on their side in the labor negotiations.


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