It’s Now Safe to Say the Detroit Lions Defensive Line Needs a Nickname

With the Lions developing one of the most dominant defensive lines in the NFL it seems fitting that the unit gets a proper nickname. I’ve heard the topic come up on sports radio and around the internet and generally thought that kind of stuff was reserved for fans. It turns out there is interest from a pretty important person in the Lions organization:

Leave your idea in the comment section and be sure to forward it on to coach Schwartz for your chance to win that autographed football.

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  • dip

    In Honor of Swartz’s obsession with heavy metal:

    - Enter Sandmen (putting QBs to sleep since 2011)
    - System of a Downed QB

    My favorite:
    - Black & Blue Sabbath (Delivering rest for the weary Lions fan)


    In honor of Calvin Johnson’s Transformer’s name
    “The Decepticons”

  • http://sidelion Brandon

    As far as suh goes someone suggested “suh” nami, I really liked that…but I think incorporating the fact that its the motor city and the defensive line will be “driving” the entire defense(the power behind it) something to do with that would be golden but what….?

  • http://sidelion Brandon

    Silver wave…goes with suhnami..even though its not the actually spelling good enough…

  • http://sidelion Brandon

    Blue crush…the four cylinder engine….?….LOL

  • bobby

    how about the motor city mad men