Detroit Free Press Proves How Thin Detroit Lions Content Has Become

Well, yeah, this lockout thing is fun. Or not.

With no real football being played and organized team activities banned due to the lockout, mainstream media sources have taken to nitpicking over whatever words they can pluck from any source to turn into something to keep people reading. We got another example of just how silly this has gotten today.

If you checked in with us for your daily dose of Lions links via the Scanning the Savanna feature, you came across the following thumbnail and linked Detroit Free Press article:

You may notice the attribution to “Detroit Free Press Staff”, sure seems like someone had a pretty good idea that article would incite a response and chose to take cover. As you can imagine, Nate Burleson didn’t care for the interpretation presented in the Free Press and let it be known on twitter:

Seriously FreeP? Lions fans know what i meant! – ‘it’s about guys flying in from warm cities to voluntarily workout’ SMH

With Burleson making it known that his comment wasn’t a dig at Detroit, the some mysterious person at the Free Press changed the headline:

While they remove their own interpretation of the comments being a dig, he/she/it that made the revision did so in a way that keeps the controversial tone. Is it possible to lockout the newspapers too?

The big problem with the Free Press taking Burleson’s words, which weren’t even to the Freep, and turning it into an article to incite a response is that it completely ignores a pretty big fact: Nate Burleson considered Detroit the “most desirable place” when faced with free agency decisions a year ago. Burleson hasn’t regretted it according to a tweet from Paula Pasch of the Oakland Press:

Nate Burleson doesn’t like Detroit’s weather. Who does? Last week he said it was the best decision of his life to sign w/ #Lions#non-issue

As a blogger, I feel the pain of the lockout from a writing perspective but this will be the 100th post of the month and I’d like to think that I, and the staff writers here, have maintained some integrity through this unusually slow off-season. Of course I would rather have normal things to write about but the fact is I don’t. My goal has always been to do more than rehash the news you can get elsewhere, I hope what I have been putting together is worth your while. As the Free Press proved today, not everything is.

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