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I Can't Keep the NFL Lockout Locked Out of my Brain

I haven’t been able to keep the NFL lockout out of my mind while awake and it has now appeared in my mind while asleep. That’s right, I had a lockout dream last night.

The dream, or at least the part I remember of it, wasn’t very long and it mostly consisted of watching and ESPN-style report that a labor deal would be announced in about 20 minutes. Not surprisingly, I never got to that part. Too bad because multiple sources were reporting it in my head as I fought off the remaining time before my alarm went off.

I am left to believe that DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell have put aside their differences to invade my brain and plant this seed. With no good-willed Mr. Charles to alert me (come on, I couldn’t write a dream post with an Inception reference), the seed will grow and grow until it eats me from the inside out. The two sides must be close to a deal, right? RIGHT?

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