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Don't Ask, Hard Knocks isn't a Fit for the Detroit Lions

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that parallels the Lions in many ways, have turned down HBO’s offer to be the next team featured on their hit show “Hard Knocks”. Knowing the way a lot of Lions fans’ minds work, I’m sure there are a few wondering if the Lions could become the team featured when training camp gets underway.

I hope I don’t rain on anyone’s parade by saying I doubt they would consider it and they’d be right to politely decline.

I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be interest from HBO’s perspective, I’m sure there would. The Lions are one the league’s chic breakthrough picks for the upcoming season and that sort of intrigue alone should be enough for HBO to give the Lions some consideration. After spending a decade as the league’s most invisible team, the Lions are becoming relevant. Players are finding their way into television commercials and the team is schedule for an appearance on Monday Night Football. The Lions’ rise isn’t a secret and most NFL fans are at the point where the teams’ emergence is expected. That being said, they aren’t there yet.

The Detroit Lions will have enough eyes on them when camp begins without having the extra HBO cameras hang around, including in areas otherwise off limits. The all-access nature of the program makes it hard for me to believe the Lions would ever entertain the thought of appearing on Hard Knocks. Remember, we’re talking about a team that routinely hides portions of practice from their own local media. Add in the organization’s Belichick-ian handling of injury situations and it becomes downright silly to even picture the Lions on the show.

The organization’s track record suggests that Hard Knocks isn’t for them, but should it be? I don’t see an argument to be made that says the Lions have anything to gain from being on Hard Knocks. More exposure? The team is already known as a team to watch. More fan appeal? Lions players are already visible in the community, on television and through social media like twitter. More respect? Respect will come through winning on Sundays. Besides, the team has received nothing by praise since the draft’s conclusion. I may be interested to see the Lions on Hard Knocks but it would be for my benefit (in terms of entertainment) rather than theirs. The Lions have a plan in place, and it surely doesn’t involve HBO.

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