Will Roger Goodell's Talk With Lions Season Ticket Holders be a Waste?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been working his way through the league by holding conference calls for each teams’ season ticket holders. Detroit Lions season ticket holders will get their chance to interact with the commish next Thursday beginning at noon.

While it sounds like a cool opportunity on the surface, these calls have recently faced some criticism. Nate Dunlevy, a long-time Indianapolis Colts season ticket holder and blogger at 18to88.com, called the session a “waste”. ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky followed up with Nate who provided the following:

As a fan and a season-ticket holder for 11 years, I found the whole thing to be a waste of time. I was shocked at the kind of questions people asked …

The vast majority of the questions had little to do with the lockout. The ones that did, Goodell gave a potboiler answer to that we’ve heard a thousand times. Many of us were on the line with real, hard questions and they didn’t field a single one I would classify as difficult.

I simply can’t believe that people called in to ask Goodell about what players he liked as a kid. It was bizarre. The audio is on line, and it’s a mind numbing bore. Just like the real experience.

While Dunlevy called the initial call a waste, what happened from there is nothing short of fascinating. He was first contacted by the league office and then received a personal phone call from Roger Goodell. Read about Nate Dunlevy’s experience at 18to88.com.

Let this be a lesson to all Lions fans that will be participating in Thursday’s call with the commissioner. If you give him softball questions you’ll get softball answers. Don’t give him that opportunity. Ask the tough questions, the questions that really matter or your time will be a waste.

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