Economic Impact of the Lockout

Besides losing football, the NFL Lockout will hurt the local economies of cities that host a team.  Every game there are stadium workers, hotels that house visiting fans, bars making money from pregame festivities, and much more.  If there is not a season, every city with an NFL team will lose around 160 million dollars to their economy.  Around the whole league, that amounts to 4.9 billion dollars.  During the regular season, the NFL will lose an estimated 400 million each week in ticket sales.  For every NFL city, 3000 jobs which will be lost which is 96,000 jobs league wide.

Besides the NFL’s employees the public will also be hurt.  Taxpayers have contributed 4.5 billion dollars in the last 10 years to building new stadiums.  28 out of the 31 NFL stadiums were publicly funded and 11 of them were completely funded by the public.  Foxborough, Massachusetts contains only 17,000 people but is also home to the home of the Patriots and Gillette Stadium.  The city uses some of the revenue from the stadium to provide for school buses, school computers, and fire trucks.

More things are affected too including a church in Nashville.  The church makes $30,000 by cars paying to park in their lot and they use the money to pay for their mortgage.  A sales director of a hotel estimates that they will lose around $110,000 if there isn’t a season.  Las Vegas expects to lose a staggering 850 billion dollars in sports betting and other industries.  A third of the profit from bars in NFL cities comes from gamedays.  Around 1.25 billion chicken wings were eaten on Super Sunday, that amounts to a 250 million dollar profit.

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