The Best of the 2011 NFL Draft

The NFL draft has become a huge three day event; anyone but the most hardcore fan is sure to miss something. There was a lot to take in, here is a list of five “bests” of the 2011 NFL Draft:

5. The names. I gave a rundown of some of the top names from the 2011 NFL draft in a post yesterday. Go read it for more details.

4. ESPN started their coverage off with a slick autotune of various draft clips from the past. There are some great lines that are sure to get stuck in your head. Watch at your own risk:

3. If Roger Goodell had any false ideas about the way fans feel about the lockout then a message should have been received loud and clear Thursday night as the boos and chants rained down prior to the commissioner’s opening declaration. It certainly wasn’t a “best” for the commish but it wasn’t a wasted opportunity for the fans to voice their displeasure.

2. Barry Sanders was the Lions alumni representative in New York to announce the team’s second round selection. To say he received a warm reception as he took the podium in an understatement. It is clear that Barry is still beloved by NFL fans, no matter how often he may have terrorized their favorite team. It was also nice to see Barry with some complimentary post-draft comments regarding the direction the Lions are heading on twitter. (follow @BarrySanders)

1. The NFL draft is an emotional event for any prospect. It was extra emotional for former Alabama running back Mark Ingram when ESPN’s Suzy Kolber greeted him as he came off stage with an email from his incarcerated father, a former Giants wide receiver by the same name.

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