What Detroit Lions Fans Should Watch for on Third Day of 2011 NFL Draft

Well, Day two went a little differently than a lot of people thought it would. From a Lions fan’s perspective, day three of the draft would be a lot more exciting if they entered it with more than just two picks. That being said, each pick brings an extra dose of intrigue that might have been diluted with a glut of picks. Here are a couple quick things I’ll be watching for through the drafts last four rounds:

  • I’m not complaining about the talent the Lions have added ahead of addressing more pressing needs but time is running out for the Lions to come away with a cornerback and outside linebacker in this draft. Fans are far more concerned about this than the Lions’ war room, however. It seems like the Lions may be done on the offensive side of the ball but it is impossible to know what Mayhew and Schwartz have in mind.
  • It was pretty much a given that the Lions would make a trade at some point in this draft. That came to fruition last night but are the Lions done dealing? With just two picks remaining you have to wonder if they would like to move down with their fifth rounder to pick up and additional pick. We’ll see.
  • The Lions have been getting plenty of love from the national media, will that continue through day three and will final draft grades reflect their good start?
  • Viewing the Lions 2011 draft in its totality should provide a pretty clear picture for what they will seek to do when free agency opens (hopefully soon!). They were going to have a shopping list no matter what they did in the draft so the lack of a cornerback and outside linebacker (so far) shouldn’t be particularly concerning. Team needs are a popular talking point around draft time but it is really a year-round topic that extends beyond the context of the draft.

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