Why Drafting Nick Fairley will Bring Home a Super Bowl

NEW YORK — Perhaps it’s because it’s early in the morning, or it’s the excitement of football finally arriving, or it’s just because it’s Friday but I’m going out on a limb.

A limb I feel is pretty strong.

As strong as say, the Lions defensive line.

That limb I’m wondering out onto is one that has the Lions winning a Super Bowl or at least playing in one in the next five years. It seems like a long shot, but look at the teams that have been there the last few years.

Green Bay, Arizona, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Indianapolis.

What do all those teams have in common? Defense and a quarterback who has his head on really straight. Detroit has these pieces they just need to utilize them now.

Drafting Nick Fairley at the 13th overall selection is the ushering in of a new era for the Lions. I stated last week that the Lions have drafted well before but have been let down by that player being a disappointment.

Not Fairly. Not this time.

The addition of Fairley is like Arnold Schwarzenegger taking more steroids, he doesn’t need them but it sure as heck makes him look better.

Fairley joins a line on defense that already includes Ndamukong Suh, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Cliff Avril and Corey Williams. He will most likely be starting next to Suh next year which to teams in the NFC North (particularly the Vikings) seems…well not very Fair(ley).

It will be the centerpiece of a Lions defense that has the potential to rank not only among the North’s best but the NFL as a whole. Detroit also has picks 44 and 75 upcoming that they can play with to beef up the linebacking core and secondary.

They could also use them to beef up an arsenal for their other key piece to a championship: one Matthew Stafford. Like the defense, he holds the potential to rank among the Super Bowl quarterbacks who not only have one of the leagues best defense’s, but is himself one for the leagues best passers.

This is all of course wishful thinking at the moment, and it’s not the first nor last time it will happen to Lions fans. The hope is that feeling of empty hope won’t come around again for another twenty or so years.

It’s time to Restore the Roar, and chances are it can be done Fairley quick.

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