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Mock drafts are compiled based on varying degrees of knowledge, bias, logic and hearsay. While no single mock draft will be perfect, analyzing a large number of mock drafts can help weed out some of the “noise” to give a greater sense of accuracy as to who the Lions pick may be or what position he plays.

With some help from the DC Pro Sports Report Mock Draft Database, I compiled a of Lions picks and tallied up the number of times each player or position group appears on the list. Think of this as the prevailing consensus across the mock draft spectrum. So, who does the database of 125 mock drafts say the Lions will select?

16 different names appeared in at least one of the 125 mock drafts studied here but one name appeared more often than any other: Prince Amukamara.

Player Mocks Pct
Prince Amukamara 36 28.8%
Anthony Castonzo 21 16.8%
Tyron Smith 21 16.8%
Aldon Smith 13 10.4%
Da’Quan Bowers 13 10.4%
Jimmy Smith 4 3.2%
Nate Solder 4 3.2%
Brandon Harris 2 1.6%
Cameron Jordan 2 1.6%
Gabe Carimi 2 1.6%
J.J. Watt 2 1.6%
Aaron Williams 1 0.8%
Adrian Clayborn 1 0.8%
Julio Jones 1 0.8%
Mike Pouncey 1 0.8%
Ryan Kerrigan 1 0.8%

Amukamara’s name lands on the list more than any other because he plays at a position of need for the Lions and it is generally accepted that if the Lions select a corner, it will be Amukamara. The opinions are more split among those that predict the Lions will take an offensive tackle. As you can see in the table above, Anthony Castonzo and Tyron Smith are both prominently featured in a number of mock drafts. Splitting the “vote” means that Amukamara became the most prevalent name but it turns out that offensive tackle is the most likely pick when considering only position. Cornerback finishes a close second. See the mock draft database breakdown by position below:

Position Mocks Pct
OT 48 38.4%
CB 43 34.4%
DE 32 25.6%
WR 1 0.8%
G/C 1 0.8%

See the next page for the master list of 125 mock drafts and their picks for the Lions.

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