Mock Drafts are More Than Just Fun and Games

The SideLion Report Mock Draft was unveiled in early January and has seen several revisions since that time. Is it worth the time that Scott Bischoff has put into the various iterations? I think Scott will tell you it has been simply for his own satisfaction as a self-titled draft nut. An article posted to the Washington Post’s website yesterday confirms that mock drafts serve a purpose beyond fulfilling the cravings of various football bloggers and beat writers.

The article quotes Redskins’ general Manager Bruce Allen regarding the role mock drafts play in their preparation for draft day:

We’ll get into how we would react if certain things happened. A lot of times, we will pull a few mocks off the Internet and say, ‘If these three things happen, what would we do? If we have this phone call come in, what would we do?’ We play the fantasy draft, so to speak, the three days before the draft.

No mock draft will be perfect, although some are definitely better than others, so it doesn’t make sense to read too much into any single mock. Sites like the DC Pro Sports Report Mock Draft Database help give a singular exercise a broader perspective. The 362 mock drafts they track (of which ours is one) helps to identify trends that offer the most realistic look possible. It won’t ever be perfect but mock drafts have their place in the modern NFL draft process.

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