Detroit Lions NFL Draft Countdown: 15 Days

Join us each day as we count down towards the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. The countdown runs from 50 to zero and the number of days remaining will inspire the post for that day. Think of this as your NFL draft paper chain that loses one link each day!

Progress. I don’t know about you, but that is all I needed to see out of the Lions in the 2010 season. Debate raged on throughout most of the season as to whether or not the Lions were actually making any progress. Some said yes based on what they were seeing each Sunday while others firmly said no because the wins just weren’t coming.

The number 15 serves as the inspiration for today’s post since there are 15 days remaining until the first round of the NFL draft. It was week 15 that definitively signified that the Lions had taken a step forward.

The Lions were coming off an upset win against the Green Bay Packers. No one knew they would end up World Champions at the time. Heck, no one knew they would even end up in the playoffs. It was a nice win but the Lions had won the occasional home game over the years. How would they respond a week later when they had to play a winning team on the road?

My usual set on the couch was replaced that weekend by a seat in the 19th Hole bar aboard the Navigator of the Seas. The cruise ship’s televisions were receiving the New Orleans Saints game at the Baltimore Ravens although my eyes spent more time on the scrolling scoreboard than they play on the field. Few seemed to pay any attention when I clapped as the Fox broadcast cut to a game break showing Nate Burleson‘s touchdown catch to put the Lions ahead.

I eventually had to leave to get dressed for dinner but I kept an eye on the scoreboard on my stateroom television as I put on my slacks and Tommy Bahama shirt. If there was ever a game that could be told by scoreboard watching, this was not it! I was able to see a highlights package later that evening to fill in some of the details but the details didn’t really matter. The Lions had beaten a very good team on the road.


Players drafted number 15 overall by the Detroit Lions:
Gene Goodreault (1941), Alf Bauman (1942), Les Bingaman (1948), Warren Rabb (1960), Jimmy Williams (1982)

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