My Take on The Current Labor Situation

So I am supposed to write about the Lions (egads, what have I gotten myself into!?!?).  Well, that is difficult right now, as there can be no discussion of the Lions, or free agency, or trades, until the current labor dispute between the NFL Player’s Association (or “Trade Association”) is resolved.

In my heart, I am anti-union.  Having cut my teeth in the auto industry, I have seen more negatives than positives with regards to organized labor.  With that being stated, I am firmly on the side of the NFL players in the current dispute between the NFL and the former Player’s Association.

My reason is simple:  the players aren’t asking for anything more.  The players association would be perfectly content with a continuation of the expired CBA i.e. maintenance of their current salaries.  It is the owners who are asking for money back, without explaining in detail why this is needed in a time of record revenues.  I can understand the players questioning this.  Is there a real issue with profit margins?  Or is Jerry Jones allocating 20 million to his wife to be a “managerial consultant” and claiming that as an expense?  I believe this is what the players would like to review.

To put it clearer:  Imagine that you are working at a company for 50k a year.  The company is doing well, and experiencing year after year growth in revenues thanks to your hard work.  But then your management comes to you and says “well, times are pretty hard, we need you to take a pay cut”.  In a “real” industry, you would always have the option of taking your talents (just like Lebron) to another company.  But for an NFL football player, there is no other place to go other then the NFL.

Having bitten the bullet and thrown my support behind a union (or former union), I now have one request for them:  STOP TALKING.  Why?  Because every time one of the players has opened their mouth in the past month, I have found myself sympathizing a little bit more with the owners.

Take, for example, the players playing the “disrespect” card.  Call me a goof (and I am sure someone will), but when someone is paying me a minimum of 340k to exercise and play a sport, I believe that there is an inherent level of respect there.  I would love that level of “disrespect” at my current job.

Adrian Peterson compares the NFL to “modern-day slavery”.  Does he not understand he can retire at anytime?

It is getting to the point that I can’t help but twinge whenever a player speaks (or Twitters, or blogs, or…well, you get the idea)…

So my advice is simple:  Stick to your guns, and stop flapping your gums.

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