Calling All Extreme Detroit Lions Fans!

The SideLion Report twitter account got tagged on a tweet that contained something you don’t see everyday, unless you’re twitter user ItsMeMikeG.

Mike claims to have the world’s largest Lions tattoo, you can see it in the picture to the right. The folks from Guinness haven’t validated the claim but I’m inclined to believe him. I want to thank Mike for sharing his unique expression of Lions love and to put out the call for more like it.

I know the Lions have some of the most hardcore fans out there. No other fan base has had to endure an 0-16 season, yet Lions fans remain! I want to hear from everyone that has an over the top or extreme way that they display their Lions fandom. Did you name your twin boys Barry and Sanders? Have a tattoo that can top Mike’s? Is your car painted with a Lions theme that makes NASCAR look bland?

If you express your love for the Lions in an extreme way then consider emaling me about it so it can be feature here. Photos and videos are encouraged along with a brief written description or back-story.

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