The Ups and Downs of Being a Lions Fan

So the email came, confirming that I had been selected to be a SideLion Report writer. Elation, pride, a small tiny wish that it paid 100k a year. All the feelings raced through me.

And then….now what?

I should probably first talk quickly about myself. This is my first time writing for anyone other than a teacher, so bear with me while I learn the ropes. I married a girl from George, lived there for five years, but am now back in Detroit with a six year old girl, who recently came home from first grade and told me that “Michigan State is great.” The irony is that I am also a die hard Michigan fan…and here I thought that the worse thing my daughter would be exposed to at school was drugs.

But what should I talk about, football-wise? Obviously my love of the Lions…but do I talk about the good times or the bad times? The moments spent huddled around a TV in my grandpa’s house at Thanksgiving watching Barry run? Or about watching the final game of the 0-16 season, after I had bought NFL Sunday ticket for 250 some odd dollars so I could watch them when I lived in Georgia? Do I talk about the elation I felt watching them destroy Dallas in their lone playoff win in 1992 (and yes, I realize I am dating myself)…or watching them get destroyed the following week?

And then there is draft day. Hours spent pouring over mock drafts, reading blogs, studying…only to see Matt Millen pull a name out of a hat.

So I will talk about all of the above, because as a Lions fan you can’t discuss one without the other. As a Lions fan, you can’t have hope without trepidation, and you can’t enjoy the winning without remembering the losing. Being a Lion’s fan is like riding a roller coaster, with all the ups and downs that entails.

But I am here. And I always will be. And you know what? I am still proud to be a Lions fan. Being a Lion’s fan is certainly a roller coaster ride…but isn’t that why we go to Cedar Point?

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