Prime Time Game Would Excite More Than Just Detroit Lions Fans

I remember hearing a lot of chatter on the sports talk radio scene as to whether or not the Lions four game winning streak to end the season was enough to show the networks that they deserve a prime time game in 2011.

The question is fair to ask now that the Lions have proven to be much more than a cupcake game on an opponents schedule and have exciting young players that have national marketability. Jim Schwartz acknowledged as much in a quote that appeared at

We sold out seven of our eight (home games last year). The way we finished, some of the players that we have — we got one guy they named a rule after; we got one guy that was the first defensive tackle since they didn’t have facemasks to be all-pro (as a rookie).

I think there’s a lot of things that people are interested in our team.

While a prime time game would show fans that the Lions are being seen as a legitimate team nationally, Schwartz knows that playing in prime time is not the ultimate destination:

The goal isn’t to get prime-time games. The goal is to win the game, regardless of when they play them. I mean, I got enough to worry about without worrying about when we’re playing our games and stuff like that. I think that, with success, comes that, but we’re not at the point where we need to be worrying about when we’re playing. We need to be prepared for it, but we don’t even know what the schedule is.

Does that mean the team wouldn’t be excited to play after the sun has set? I’ll let one more quote from the coach asnwer that question:

If we play Monday, I’ll say we’re jacked as hell

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