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NFLPA Wants Top Prospects To Boycott Draft

The NFL usually invites 15-20 top prospects to attend the draft at Radio City Music Hall.  Well this isn’t like most years, the NFL is a mess.  The draft was still supposed to be the only normal football event on the schedule.  Now this might be infected.  The NFLPA is reported to be putting a plan together to get this year’s top prospects to stay home during the draft.

There will be no players to walk up onto the stage, put their hat on, shake hands with Roger Goodell, put their jersey up, and take pictures.  Rumors are that the players will also do post-draft interviews with other networks (instead of ESPN and NFL Network).

Says an NFLPA source:

As of right now, this is 100 percent happening.

I have been on the player’s side for most of this ordeal but I don’t get the point of this.  What is this going to do for the NFLPA and the players?   They are taking away a thing that these prospects have been dreaming about and working for most of their lives.  This is the first thing, I think, that the NFLPA has done to ruin their public image.  They are supposed to be the “fan-friendly” ones but the fans want to see the players go up on that stage after they hear their name called.

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