All Win or All Lose in CBA Fight

If you are like me you are getting pretty sick of the NFL’s CBA negotiations. The constant will they or won’t they with the only two scenarios looking like armageddon or peaceful harmony, nothing in between.

I’m trying to avoid getting wrapped up in which way the pendulum is swinging at any given moment, rather my recent thoughts have focused around one seemingly innocent quote NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith made to football fans after last week’s deadline was extended:

We’re not going to let you down

I’m struck by the lack of qualifiers at the end of the statement. There is no “as long as” or “if” this or that. Mr. Smith put out a simple single statement that promised fans would not be let down. I have no reason to question the sincerity of that statement but I wonder how such a statement could have been made given the contentious nature of these negotiations.

If DeMaurice Smith is trying to set the NLFPA up as a potential hero then his rhetoric is meaningless to me. The 2011 season will either go on as planned and I will applaud both sides for reaching an agreement. Likewise, I will not singly vilify the owners in the event of a work stoppage just because Smith said they wouldn’t let the fans down.

DeMaurice Smith made a simple statement and I will make one of my own: I will feel let down if a deal is not reached before chaos ensues. He said they will not let us down and there is only one way to ensure that happens. Now go do it.

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