Detroit Lions Mock Draft Update from Mel Kiper Jr.

Mel Kiper Jr. came out with his updated mock draft today. This is his third iteration and Kiper has now linked the Lions to three different players.

Kiper mock 1.0 had UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers going to the Lions. Questions pertaining to Ayers’ value at that spot caused Kiper to go send Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith to the Lions i his second mock draft. Not only does the third time through bring us a new name (from Kiper at least) but a new position as well. Kiper mock draft 3.0 proudly presents…drum roll please…

USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith!

The pick is all about value according to Kiper. Baring a trade-down, the Lions won’t be looking at prospects that fill their primary defensive needs. As many other mock drafts have suggested, offensive tackle makes the most sense to avoid reaching for a marginal prospect.

Tyron Smith becomes the first offensive tackle off Mel Kiper’s board with the next, Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo, going to the Indianapolis Colts at number 22 overall. Gabe Carimi is projected to the Eagles 23rd and Nate Solder goes to the Bears with the 29th pick as the other two offensive tackles taken in Kiper’s first round.

Ayers and Jimmy Smith remain first round prospects, going 21st and 26th respectively.

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The Detroit Free Press has more comments from Mel Kiper Jr. regarding his newest mock draft, check it out at the thumbnail below:

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  • GC Mandrake

    Mel remains a complete and utter moron… he has a great memory, which substitutes for any real analysis or knowledge! He is incapable of giving a single answer, and always couches by naming a bunch of guys and listing a ton of stats! Listen to McShay! He’s the only one over there who knows what’s going on! Mel gets by on his hairdo! (And yes, plenty of this is residual bitterness over Andre Ware and fat, lazy Mike Williams… but there’s plenty of empirical evidence to back up what I said! Listen to him talk!)

    • Zac Snyder

      Yeah, I’m more of a McShay guy myself. I do have to give Kiper credit for being an NFL draft pioneer and ultimately his job is to satisfy a craving for info, not necessarily to be 100% right.

  • Randall

    Yeah me too. Kiper dont know what the he** he’s talking about half the time. I listen more to McShay as well. Anybody can do Mel’s job. If your right half the time your doing just as good as him.

  • anthonymaceri

    Detroit needs to draft a Lt to protect our investment. Tyron over Castanzo is a mistake. Not only that, they can draft a Rg, possibly in 4th or 5th, like Moffitt. Theres plenty of lbs available in later rounds, along with corners. Our RG, Peterman is a joke.