Tiki Barber Is Returning to the NFL

Former New York Giants RB, Tiki Barber, filed papers to come out of retirement yesterday.  Barber will turn 36 years old next month and last played football in 2006, four years ago.  Tiki Barber is a three time Pro Bowler, a member of the 10,000 yards rushing club, and a member of the New York Giants Ring of Honor.

The idea came about when Tiki’s trainer asked him during the playoffs why he wasn’t playing.  Barber told his trainer that he was “crazy as hell”.  Joe Carini, the trainer, has put Barber through some intense workouts, similar to the ones he would do if he was still in the league.  Currently, Barber weights 198 pounds which is around 10 pounds less than the weight he was at during his playing years.

The Giants still own the rights of Tiki Barber.  Barber retired with two years remaining on his four-year contract.  The team has to either release or activate him after the paperwork is done.  Don’t expect the Giants to keep him, New York will most likely release him after a new CBA is agreed upon.  He has been very critical of New York’s coach, Tom Coughlin, after they battled with each other during Barber’s last season.

Giants LB, Antonio Pierce, took a couple shots at Barber during NFL Live after the news came out.  Pierce stated that Barber could be productive for some team in the league but he isn’t much of a teammate.  “Tiki Barber the person, the leader, the person in that locker room? He’s not going to do anything for your team,” said Pierce.  He also said that Barber “retired during the middle of the 2006 season.”

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