The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Decade of Detroit Lions Drafts

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Detroit Lions fans were in draft mode immediately following the win over the Minnesota Vikings in week 17.  A four game winning streak has done that for all of us Lions addicts.  Who else can we get to come in here?  There has been a lot of talk since the end of the season about who the Lions should grab in the draft to help rebuild this team.  I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at the last ten years of the draft from a Lions perspective to determine who the best picks and the worst picks have been, round by round.

Being that Matt Millen was doing the drafting for the majority of this time it should come as no surprise that the list of “worst” picks is considerably longer then the list for “best” picks.  In some cases the “best” pick wasn’t a very good player or didn’t turn out to be a good player.  In some cases the “best” pick might have been a great pick but just didn’t pan out.  This list demonstrates just how good or bad a pick can be.  We start with round seven and work our way to round one.

7th Round

Best Pick: Willie Young – DE – North Carolina State – 2010 Draft Class

Worst Pick: Luke Staley – RB – BYU – 2002 Draft Class

For the best pick I went with Willie Young.  Honorable mention goes to Zack Follett.  Honestly, Matt Millen was so bad at drafting players in the later rounds that finding a player after round three that has done anything is difficult.  Willie Young wins this “best pick” of the 7th round simply because he has shown a little flash in getting to the quarterback and is still on the roster.  Luke Staley was a typical Millen pick, a player who had nice numbers in college but was injured or injury prone.  He was on the roster for the 2002 season but suffered a season ending knee injury.  He reported to camp for the 2003 season but was waived August 25, 2003.

6th Round

Best Pick: Chris Cash – DB – USC – 2002 Draft Class

Worst Pick: Alton “Dee” McCann – DB – West Virginia – 2006 Draft Class

Chris Cash was very productive in his rookie season in 2002.  He started 12 games and recorded 100 tackles and one interception.  Unfortunately a knee injury cost him the entire 2003 season and he struggled to stay healthy for the rest of his career.  He finished his career as an Atlanta Falcon on injured reserve in 2006.  Dee McCann was released to the practice squad after training camp of his rookie season.  He never played a regular season game in the NFL.

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