Combine Results for Possible Detroit Lions Draft Picks

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As you know, the NFL Combine took place from Friday until Tuesday. Below I listed the results of the players who have been mentioned as the possible first round draft pick of the Lions.

First, a brief introduction to the drills:
40-Yard Dash – Players sprint 40 yards. (Speed)
Bench Press – Players bench 225 pounds as many times as they can. (Strength)
Vertical Jump – The Player’s vertical reach is measured. He then jumps off flat feet as high as he can. The difference between his reach and the height of the flag he touched is his vertical jump. (Lower Body Explosion)
Broad Jump – Players start out and explode and jump as far as they can. (Lower Body Strength)
Three-cone Drill – Three cones are set in a L-shape. He starts and runs to the first cone that is 5 yards away and comes back to starting point. He then runs around the second cone and weaves around the last cone (high point of the L). Next, he goes around the second cone again and back to the starting line. (Ability to change direction at high speeds)

Let’s get to the prospects:

Offensive Linemen

Nate Solder (Colorado)
40-Yard Dash – 5.05
Bench Press – 21
Vertical Jump – 32.0″
Three-cone Drill – 7.44
Broad Jump – 9’2″

Anthony Castonzo (Boston College)
40-Yard Dash – 5.23
Bench Press – 28
Vertical Jump – 29.5″
Three-cone Drill – 7.25
Broad Jump – 8’9″

Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin)
40-Yard Dash – 5.27
Bench Press – 29
Vertical Jump – 31.5″
Broad Jump – 9’1″

Tyron Smith (USC)
Bench Press – 29

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