Scanning the Savanna

Last August, the new owners of the Lions’ old hunting grounds turned heads with a radical proposal: tear the roof off the Silverdome, build a field at the club level, and convert the upper deck into a world-class open-air soccer facility. This would provide the dedicated stadium required to lure the MLS to Detroit.

As physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians with Oakwood Healthcare System, we can’t help but think about the number of concussions, head injuries and traumatic brain injuries that impact athletes — particularly those that occurred this football season.

I think there is space for a formation that tries to do the opposite.

I call it the 0-2-3, or 23 formation.

This is derived from a naming system which lists the number of wide receivers first, then tight ends, then running backs. Hence, this formation features no wide receivers, three running backs and two tight ends.

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