Detroit Lions Fans, Don't Get Excited About Colts Releasing Bob Sanders

Bob Sanders

Detroit Lions invariably get excited whenever a big name becomes available. Get ready for another round of “is he a fit?” with the announcement by the Indianapolis Colts that they have released safety Bob Sanders.

Come on Lions fans, you’re smarter than letting your mind go there. Bob Sanders isn’t a fit and you know it.

Fans in Detroit like to complain about contract the Tigers had to pay out to players like Jeremy Bonderman and Carlos Guillen that have battled injuries. Well, the Colts paid Bob Sanders $25 million to play in nine games. Not exactly the best value for their money. Bob Sanders is as good as they come when he’s on the field but therein lies the problem: Bob Sanders is hardly ever on the field.

A Lions pursuit of Bob Sanders would be a departure from the path that Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz have steadily headed down the past couple of years. Schwartz stated that the team won’t look to make a big splash in free agency. While Sanders’ availability couldn’t have been predicted at the time of those words it doesn’t change the fact that the Lions aren’t likely to chase after a high risk, high reward player like Bob Sanders.

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