Comparing Pre and Post Season All-NFC North Teams

ESPN’s NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert announced his all NFC-North team a couple days ago. I thought this would be a perfect time to take a look back at the all-NFC North team I put together with the other NFC North bloggers on the FanSided network before the season started.

The comparison is not meant to determine which list is more right, they are separate snapshots in time. This will only serve as a look at how certain players performed in the context of what was expected.

Brett Favre could have received some consideration as our all-NFC North team this past off-season since he was coming off a tremendous year for the Vikings in 2009. We ended up selecting Aaron Rodgers and it was obviously the right decision. The selection of Rodgers to Seifert’s team didn’t even warrant any discussion, it was an easy call with the 2010 season in the rear-view mirror.

We tabbed Calvin Johnson and Greg Jennings as the top two receivers in the division and that is certainly how it played out this year as those same two made Seifert’s team. Adrian Peterson was a unanimous choice at one running back slot on our team but the other was decided by a fan vote in which Jahvid Best came out victorious. It would have been interesting to see how he would have compared to Matt Forte after a healthy year.

Our July project put Jeff Backus, Steve Hutchinson, Olin Kreutz, Josh Sitton and Mark Tauscher along the offensive line. The way this season played out brough end of season honors to Backus, Hutchinson, Scott Wells, Sitton and Bryan Bulaga from Kevin Seifert’s team.

In the end, seven players from the FanSided preseason All-NFC North team made Seifert’s end of season team.

Both of the All-NFC North teams reviewed here are aligned in a 4-3 defense and the agreement goes beyond the scheme. Just one of the front seven differs from our preseason version to ESPN’s end of season team. We had Kevin Williams in July while B.J. Raji proved to be a better pick after the season had played out.

Tramon Williams had a break out year and deserved honors after the season that we had given to Charles Tillman back in July. Seifert picked Chris Harris at a safety spot that we had given to Louis Delmas. Charles Woodson and Nick Collins were consistent picks between the preseason and end of season teams.

Eight of our selections in July made Seifert’s All-NFC North team at season’s end.

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