Christina Aguilera Messes Up National Anthem At The Super Bowl

I really enjoy going to high school football games. I like almost everything about it. However, the one thing I can do without is the breathy rendition of the Star Spangled Banner being sung by some teenage girl that is nowhere near as good of a singer as she thinks she is. That being said, they get the words right and that is more than we can say for Christina Aguilera.

What so proudly we watched? More like, what so proudly we watched you butcher our national anthem.

Maybe it’s just me but If I am singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl you can bet that getting the words right would be pretty close to the top of my priority list; and by pretty close to the top I mean number one.

Best I can tell, Aguilera prioritized the words somewhere behind simply showing and hoping people remember who she is and making sure people that bet the over on the length of the anthem won their bets.

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