Final Grades for 2010 Detroit Lions

It has been a two week process but the final grades for the 2010 Detroit Lions position groups have been finalized. I went position by position and graded each group and then turned it over to the readers to have their say.

I gave myself the liberty of assigning pluses and minuses to the grades as I saw fit. The fan polls were limited to straight letter grades A, B, C, D and F. The idea is that the fan’s plus and minus grade would come out in the voting. I tallied up all the votes in each poll and calculated a weighted average on a standard 4.0 scale with an A being 4.0, A- being 3.7, B+ being 3.4 and so on.

Hopefully the grade I assigned didn’t sway the reader poll to badly. Our grades agree for the most part with the biggest exception coming with the offensive line where the readers averaged out to a C+ compared to the C- I gave the group. The fans either agreed or were more lenient in every case except for the quarterbacks. I let my expectations for each quarterback sway my grading and gave the group a solid B while the fans dinged them a big more with a B-.

Position Zac’s Grade Fan Grade
Quarterbacks B B- 2.79
Running Backs C- C- 1.75
Receivers/TE B+ B+ 3.23
Offensive Line C- C+ 2.14
Defensive Line A- A- 3.81
Linebackers D D+ 1.42
Secondary C- C- 1.76
Special Teams B B+ 3.17

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