Zack Follett Explains China Doll Comment

The social media scene didn’t take long to spread the word that Lions linebacker Zack Follett referred to Matthew Stafford as a “China doll” during an interview on a Fresno, CA radio station.

The folks at 97.1 in Detroit tracked Follett down to get an explanation during Valenti and Foster today. While Follett didn’t exactly back off his use of the words “China doll” he did explain that Matt is a tough guy and has suffered some unfortunate injuries early in his career. Follett did make the distinction that he is glad to have Stafford as a Lion rather than Jay Cutler, another quarterback that has taken some heat recently. Hopefully this follow up and explanation ends the hoopla.

Listen to Mike Valenti’s follow-up interview here.

Zack took to twitter later in the afternoon with the following tweets:

Thats my bad on the china doll comment, just referring to his injury.. have no room to talk I was more broken then anyone this yr

Matts a baller I see it everyday on the field, and have no doubt he’s going to do work next season!

You have to give credit to Zack Follett for standing up to the criticism rather than hiding from it. Here is a little more of Z doing work, preach it brother:

Zack Follett – Response to my comments made from zack follett on Vimeo.

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  • Brian Dean

    He got injured too…..? He’s the flaming arrow

  • Scott Bischoff

    Zack Folett does not seem to be in a good place right now. This video is bizarre.
    The ramblings about Satan and “flaming arrows” and twitter are poor excuses for what happened.

    He chose to be a part of this interview.
    He chose to use the words he used and not once did he take responsibility for using those words.
    Instead he blamed the media, twitter, a Lions beat writer, Satan etc. for his poor choice of words.
    I feel for Follett, his career could be over and he seems like a passionate guy but this video is strange and using God as a crutch does not seem like something that this guy would have done in the past.

  • TuffLynx

    I think the comments, so far, are missing the point and making exactly the same mistake that Zach made. Zack said something in a clumsy way and it has been taken out of context to attack him.

    The problem that Zack has is that he speaks from the heart. But he is not always able to put out the right words to express exactly what he means. Zack is not a politician. So he is not used to guarding what he says or calculating how the public will react. He is a regular guy that is being real.

    So if you want to attack Zack Follett for his “China Doll” comment then you are committing a bigger offense that he did. Zack had no malice in his heart when he made the comment. I doubt you can say the same thing.

    Maybe people should just take a step back and cut the guy some slack. He just used an unfortunate turn of phrase and he did not mean anything negative about it. All he was referring to is that Stafford is going through a bad luck streak where he has been hurt a lot. Nothing more. Don’t blow this up into something that it isn’t.

    • Scott Bischoff

      You are going to have to explain how his comments were taken out of context.

      Zack should have just owned his words, he would be better off because his words were true.

      He can speak from his heart, but he needs to understand that his words might become a problem and when that happens he cant fall back on the “Satan is out to get me” thing.

      I like Zack Follett, love his passion and have no malice for him – that’s silly man and you know it.

      He is blowing this up, noone else. He posted the video, he chose his words. It has gotten away from people to take some responsibility for their actions. Let’s find someone to blame, or an excuse. It is called personal responsibiity and it is missing everywhere right now.

  • Ross Husson

    I just got done listening to the Scott Van Pelt Show and they just got done railing of Follett. They talked about how he shouldn’t be blaming the media for “taking it out of context”.