Lions Congregation: Stafford = Playoff Push?

Thanks to Joshua over at DetFan1979’s Roar of the Lions,  SideLion Report is part of what is called the Lions Congregation. Every week, he brings a panel of Lions bloggers the questions of you the readers. It is exciting to be a part of a solid group of writers and fans who share equal passion for our football team!

Here is this week’s question:

From Blane Hillman: Does a Healthy Matthew Stafford make the Lions instant playoff contenders in 2011? Assuming there is no lock out of course.

My answer comes after the jump…

Thanks for the question Blane. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what it means to be a playoff contender. To me, the teams that are playoff contenders at least show up in the “also in the hunt” column when the networks put up their graphical representation of the playoff picture. Does a healthy Matthew Stafford put the Lions in that position next year? I think he does.

As was the general consensus of the previous Lions congregation, this year’s team met expectations with their 6-10 record. The big kicker is that they did that without the benefit of the man they drafted to be their all-world franchise quarterback. To put it bluntly, if getting Matthew Stafford back on the field doesn’t provide another boost forward then the Lions have big issues.

I was encouraged by what I saw from Stafford in the limited amount he was able to play. Remember, the Lions won the only game he finished and were leading in the two he left. It doesn’t sound like anyone in the locker room is questioning Matthew Stafford as a quarterback and a leader so there is no reason to expect that he won’t have them “in the hunt”.

You can read answers from each panel member on Monday at Roar of the Lions.

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