Scanning the Savanna

If you don’t think this winning streak means something, you might want to resume putting coal in stockings, knocking over kids’ snowmen and making Bob Cratchit work right through Christmas Eve. (Always good to get a Dickens reference in the first paragraph of the blog.) You, my friend, clearly don’t get it.

After the Detroit Lions’ 34-27 victory over the Miami Dolphins, here are three issues that merit further examination:
If the season ended today, the Lions would control the No. 9 pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. If the season ended tomorrow and the Minnesota Vikings lose to the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday night, the Lions would move down a spot to No. 10.
Instead of being the scrappy overachievers, staying one step ahead of the bear by luck and pluck for three quarters, until finally tripping over their own feet and being messily devoured, they were the bear—or, you know, lion. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings
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