The Detroit Lions are Streaking!

Detroit Lions 34, Miami Dolphins 27 (box score)

It was just a matter of weeks ago when the correlation between the Detroit Lions and streaks was resoundingly negative. The Lions were the butt of jokes after breaking their own mark for consecutive road losses and were also mired in the midst of 19 straight losses to divisional opponents. The latter ended two weeks ago, the former ended last week and now we can talk about a new, positive streak.

A two game winning streak isn’t much of a streak at all. Three games? Now we’ve got something to talk about.

Road wins in consecutive weeks seems like an impossibility from a team that hadn’t won a single road game in their last 26 games. Heck, it’s not like road wins in back-to-back weeks were commonplace even before Millen began his reign of terror in Detroit. It has been since trips to Los Angeles and Minnesota in 1993 that the Lions have done that.

The good news isn’t only in the wins themselves, but also in who the wins have come against. The three teams that the Lions have beaten in consecutive weeks all have better records than the Lions. This isn’t a bad team taking advantage of even worse teams, this is an improving team competing and finally getting over the hump against the same kinds of teams they will need to beat in order to compete for playoff berths in the future. Miami was knocked out of playoff contention last week but the Packers and Bucs are still fighting for their playoff lives.

The conclusion to this season is bringing a new air about the Detroit Lions organization. It sounds like even the coaches are enjoying their newfound success. According to Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press:

#KidRock was whooping it up in #Lions locker room after 34-27 win over #Dolphins, then smoking celebratory cigars in coach’s room.

Nate Burleson is certainly in an optimistic mood following today’s game:

6-10…I stand by my word! If you listen closely, you can hear the ‘ROAR’ from the depths of the the concrete jungle! Fans…we love you!

What would it take for the Lions to end the season with a 6-10 record? Their first four game winning streak since 1999. (t/h lionsinwinter)

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