One Last Look Back Before Looking Ahead

I had sat through 26 straight losses on the road so it goes to figure that they break the streak while I’m in open water without the ability to watch the game. Yep, I didn’t get to watch Sunday’s win over the Bucs because I was enjoying a wonderful cruise with my family (Thanks Mom and Dad!). If it takes me spending a week on a cruise ship to get the Lions a win on the road then so be it.

The Navigator of the Seas was equipped for watching some NFL football but the only game available at the 1 p.m. time slot was the Saints-Ravens game. I caught a bit of that game and kept my eye on the scoreboard in the upper right of the Fox broadcast for updates on the Lions game. With so much to do on a cruise ship I wasn’t about to sit and watch a scoreboard all day but I did check in later to see that the Lions had indeed pulled off a rare road win, just one more reason for me to smile that day.

Fortunately, the wonder that is youtube allows for a quick viewing of the game. Check it out:

First Half:

Second Half/Overtime:

That feels good.

Not only have the Lions now won two straight games, but those two games have come against two superior teams. Through in the rarity of a road win and it can’t be argued that the Lions aren’t finishing this season off the right way.

I am now refreshed from a great vacation and looking forward to the last two games much more than I thought I would a couple weeks ago.

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