Scanning the Savanna

Few noticed when the Detroit Lions made a quiet waiver claim on Sept. 6. Stefan Logan had been as productive playmaker in the CFL and set a single-season record in kickoff return yardage last season for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was deemed expendable in Pittsburgh but was a perfect fit for a team that had no established returner.

Say what you want about the Lions, they’re not that bad a team despite their 2-10 record going into the game. And say what you will about the Green Bay Packers, but without Rodgers they’re not that good.

The Bucs are very beat up, and playing at home won’t help much. The Bucs will need to run the ball to keep their defense off the field. If they can’t do that, they’ll have to rely on their makeshift offensive line to protect Josh Freeman from a ferocious Lions pass rush. That pass rush may force Freeman into some mistakes, but the Bucs’ ability to bounce back late should allow them to pull out another win against a beatable team.

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