Detroit Plays Good Host for New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings

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These two devoted SideLion Report readers couldn't pass up the chance to see the Vikings "host" the Giants in Detroit. (Photo:

MNF is more commonly recognized as Monday Night Football but it stood for a Millen-less Night of Football at Ford Field last night. Matt Millen was over 1,000 miles from Detroit with the typical ESPN monday night crew and an NFL game was played in Detroit between two teams that lack even a hint of a Matt Millen fingerprint on their rosters. Yes, this was a great night.

Fears starting working its way through the sports talk radio scene earlier in the day when it became apparent that many of the people waiting for free tickets were doing so for their own financial gain. Couple that potential black-eye with the possibility that some fans could have been literally left out in the cold due to an over “selling” of tickets and the day could have ended with a volatile situation.

Thankfully, the fears seem to have been unfounded. The announced crowd of 45,910 probably exceeded anyone’s expectations and the scattering of empty seats meant that anyone that came downtown intending to get in the building was able to do so.

I happened to snap a few photos with my phone throughout the night, especially during pregame. Let the photo tour begin!


The center three sections on each sideline were reserved for Vikings and Giants fans that had tickets for the regularly scheduled game in Minneapolis. As you can see from the photo of the Giants’ pregame stretch, the Giants had few fans make the trip. Ford Field staff opened the Giants section up to general admission when it became apparent some of the best seats in the house would have gone unused. It was a different story on the Vikings side…

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