Will Megatron stay in Detroit?

After his weekly interview on Detroit Sports talk radio 97.1 WXYT-FM, Calvin Johnson left a lot of fans in question concerning his future.  Fans should not be confused because Calvin made it very clear and simple as he stated “I want to win.”  This, in a nutshell was in response to the host when asked if he was happy in Detroit.

Fans and management should not take this the wrong way.  All of these guys in the NFL made it to the league by having success previously—this is what guys are used to.  Throughout a player’s career there are four different thoughts on their mind:  to get paid, stay healthy; make a name for themselves, and most of all win.  Only one of the four mentioned ($$$) is the only guarantee in Detroit, just ask Joey Harrington and Charles Rogers.

Johnson also made it indirectly apparent in his interview that he wasn’t ecstatic with his overall role in the offense. When asked about the matter, Calvin responded with “I can’t call it, man. I can’t call it (referring to play calling)…I wish I could have did more to help out the team, but it is what it is.” What I like about Calvin is that he never takes the Terrell Owens approach.  He keeps his composure and does his job the best that he can within his control.  He trusts and respects the decision making of the coaches and management, at least to the public.

Johnson’s contract is good for two more years.  Surely a healthy Matt Stafford next year will help the case of Calvin staying in Detroit, right?  Johnson is not a guy we want to see go.  He has been a great asset to this Detroit offense. Next year could arguably be the most important season in Detroit Lion’s franchise history, but this is an argument for another day.

It’s easy to see why Calvin might not be the happiest guy as of late.  In four years, Calvin has only won 11 games with Detroit.  This year he has been thrown to by three different QB’s, so it’s easy to see why the frustration is starting to set in.  We can only hope that he finishes the year strong.  I expect things to start coming together with a healthy team that will have new rookie additions in 2011.

It’s a good thing that this is not the MLB, where the idea of salary cap looks like pigs flying.  If it were, why wouldn’t Calvin go get paid well over $100 million to get thrown to by Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?  Stay CJ, stay!

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