Lions Game Balls Handed Out In Tough Loss To Bears

Tough to lose another game after holding a lead in the fourth quarter, but that’s what happened. Still, we had good performances from a few players, so game balls will be handed out.

I’m going to have to award the game ball to Drew Stanton. He didn’t really make any plays with his arm, but you don’t really expect any from a third stringer. What he did do was take care of the ball and allow his receivers to make the plays. 16 of 24 for 178 yards and 2 total TD’s was more than we really could have asked for from Drew. The 102.4 passer rating looks pretty good too.

But his day through the air wasn’t the only reason he gets the game ball. With Stanton, we expect him to use his legs, and he did that today. Not a big rushing total, but he did run the ball for the game’s first score.

Cliff Avril is the easy choice here. He was credited with four solo tackles, three of which were sacks. Turk McBride is currently receiving credit for the third quarter sack that resulted in the Jay Cutler fumble, but replays suggest that the sack should be credited to Avril. I’ll give him credit for it, at least, so his total should stand at four.

The improved Lion front four have shown that a big day can come from any player at any time. Today was Avril’s day, and what a big day it was!

Special Teams
Stefan Logan picks up the game ball for the special teams unit. His three kick returns combined for 116 yards (a 38.7 yard average!). After the Bears took the lead in the fourth quarter, Logan returned the kickoff all the way to the Chicago 44 yard line. The offense couldn’t convert points, but that’s hardly Stefan’s fault. It was another great day for one of the league’s top kickoff returners. The one punt he returned went for 19 yards.

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