Detroit Lions Have Players to be Thankful For

First of all, I’m thankful for the Detroit Lions. Without them, I don’t know what team I would cheer for. I love everything about them, from the players to the fans to the jerseys.

I’m thankful for Ndamukong Suh, the dude is a beast. The whole defensive line has been phenomenal throughout the year but Suh stands out. He causes havoc for the opponent’s offensive line and often needs to be double teamed. He leads all defensive tackles with 7 sacks this year. It certainly looks like Suh will be a Pro Bowler this year. The best thing about Suh; he is only a rookie.

I’m thankful for Calvin Johnson. Calvin Johnson is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL. Johnson leads the team with 55 catches and 10 touchdowns. At 6’5 and 236 pounds, he is one of the NFL’s most physical receivers. Calvin Johnson uses his physique to go up and catch balls, it seems like he catches anything near him.

I’m thankful for Shaun Hill. Who knows where this team would be without his solid play. Since Matthew Stafford went down in Week 1, Hill has done a great job of replacing him. Shaun Hill has kept the Lions competitive in every game he has played

I‘m thankful the future. There is no question the Lions are improving. The Lions could have a winning record this season if it wasn’t for some unfortunate breaks (Stafford’s injuries, Johnson’s “catch”, The Jets game, etc,). Six of Detroit’s eight losses have been within one possession. The Lions could be a contender for the playoffs with a healthy Matthew Stafford and Jahvid Best, some additions to the offensive line, and a solid draft. The future is bright for the Detroit Lions.

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