What They're Saying About Detroit Lions' Loss to Dallas Cowboys

The Lions can’t even win a hair-pulling contest right now.

That’s what Sunday’s 35-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys became at one point in the second half, as Ndamukong Suh, the Lions’ rookie defensive tackle, dragged down Marion Barber, the Cowboys’ battering ram of running back, by his dreadlocks.

Even when the Lions do the right thing, it winds up wrong.

Special-teams gunner John Wendling performed his role perfectly as Nick Harris’ punt ambled perilously close to the end zone, knocking the ball back inside the 5, where he figured a teammate would fall on it. The Lions had the lead and the momentum, poised to deliver a death blow.

It was dreadful knowing that prior to the Lions traveling to Dallas to take on th Cowboys today, that we were still looking for the 1st home win…in week 11! It didn’t help that the 38 yr old backup starting for the Cowboys was playing the team that gave up on him years ago. The stage was set, and you almost can’t write a better story than the way this ongoing one continues to unfold.
Things haven’t gone well for the 2-8 Detroit Lions so far this year and running back Jahvid Best’s(notes) turf toe hasn’t been a help, either.

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