Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Would Ruin NFC North Tradition

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The mock-ups of potential Nike Pro Combat designs have been swirling around the internet all day. They have created such a buzz that the official NFL PR twitter account needed to step in and announce the following:

just to clarify, the artist renderings of NFL uniforms floating around ARE NOT from the league or Nike. stand down

Ok, fine. The renderings may not be legit but what they represent is troubling nonetheless.

The off the wall designs are fine for the college game. Schools like Boise State, Oregon and TCU are perfectly suited for the Nike Pro Combat designs. College football is all about drawing attention to yourself and the Pro Combat designs certainly accomplish that goal.

The NFL, and professional sports in general, is a different animal. Do you Yankees fans would like their pinstripes to suddenly become zig-zags? I don’t get the feeling fans of the Packers or Bears would care for a drastic alteration of their traditional uniforms either.

It’s fine for the Jacksonville Jaguars to accent with teal but that’s not going to fly in the black and blue division. Would Dick Butkus be caught dead in a Nike Pro Combat uniform? Barry Sanders, a guy that never even spiked a football or danced in the end zone, would probably feel pretty silly putting on one of those designs. Let’s be honest, Honolulu Blue is about as wild as it gets in the NFC North. It should stay that way.

And now for the NFC North Pro Combat designs as made by various people across the interwebs, next page: Chicago Bears

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