Three Easy Fixes to Cure Detroit Lions' Road Woes

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The Bills have plenty of empty seats in Buffalo and Toronto (Photo:

3. NFL investigation into illegal stadium noise

There is a strong sentiment among Lions fans that the NFL simple doesn’t care about the Lions at best and wants to see their demise at worst. Those feelings will be put to the test now that I am calling for a full NFL investigation into what must have been illegal stadium noise at Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday. Pumping in crowd noise through stadium speakers is child’s play compared to yesterday’s shenanigans.

Coming out of the locker room following halftime, Jim Schwartz told Fox’s Charissa Thompson that his team did not react well to the crowd noise. What Jim Schwartz perceived as crowd noise has to be explained some other way. Sunday’s attendance in Buffalo was 56,721 meaning the stadium was more than 22% empty. Take away from that what appeared to be a sizable Lions contingent and the only remaining plausible explanation for the noisy environment is that Ralph Wilson Stadium has some very loud seats.

Come on NFL, for the sake of the integrity of the game this can not be allowed to continue!

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